Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wine Charms

I decided to make my mother wine charms for Christmas this year to go along with an apron I also made her (another post!) but I also needed a set of wine charms for myself since we hosted all the holiday meals this year and after Thanksgiving we realized that people were mixing up their glasses. :) The idea for my mother was to make 6 wine charms with the initials of her 6 grandchildren. So I found some cute block beads in the jewelry making aisle of Michaels, along with silver earing hoops and some white beads for spacers. The project is very easy. String the beads on the hoops, bend a little hook on the end and voila, inexpensive, personalized wine charms.


For my charms I couldn't think of a more beautiful color combination but orange and blue beads for my Gators. :) I also found these great silver rings that said "Integrity, Honor, Peace" etc. Six different words and I had my charms.



Total this project was like 15 minutes for each set. And it was pretty inexpensive too. These would make a great gift if you are going to a dinner party or some place where you need to bring something but don't want to break the bank.

Thanks for the reminder to post these things Bekah!
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Love these, Colleen! Very cute! I just bought a kit to make beaded rings. I guess it's along similar lines. I'll let you know how it goes.

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