Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fancy Apron


This picture was the inspiration for my project. I found this shirt at a little shop in the mall and guess what, it was $60. While I love my mother dearly I couldn't afford to spend $60 on a shirt. I knew this was right up my mom's alley though since she is a fan of wine. So I took a picture of the shirt with my phone to keep the idea fresh and started thinking of how I could do something myself. I came up with an apron and invested in the heat tool that adheres rhinestones to fabric. (It costs about $15 and the jewels come in all sorts of varieties).


I found the above picture on the internet and used it as a pattern for the wine bottles and glasses since the shirt was a lot smaller. I added my own flair to the design based on the original shirt and ended up with this! It was a lot of fun to make. The work is a bit tedious and I had to do it at times when the kiddos were no where around.


I'm really excited to have this heat tool now and tons of left over rhinestones. I'm seeing a lot of different crafts in my future - especially for nieces.
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How fun! I love being inspired like that.

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