Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Rooms





This is Brandon's room. My mother actually made all the wall hangings here. They are custom cut from 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch plywood, sanded and painted, then hung like picture frames or mounted with Command velcro strips for the lower pieces. The Command strips are especially great for a kid's room because it doesn't matter if the pieces get knocked off the walls. The pieces can just be stuck back on. Very cool and kid friendly. It was also pretty inexpensive. The paint was like $40 for the walls. Then the wood was $30. It was maybe $10 in paint for the animals and $20 in Command strips and picture hanging materials. $100 is not a band price for a custom baby room! I'll post photos of Alex's room which my mom also made the hangings for, plus my friend Erica's daughter's room - which I did the wall hangings for. If you know your way around a jigsaw, some sand paper and paint this is areally HGTV type thing to do.
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This is amazing and incredibly creative! When I need a nursery done, can I call you and your mom? Seriously, this is awesome. My poor kids will get stuck in something so bland because Bean is afraid of color and I'm afraid of themes. Pathetic, isn't it? :) ~Susan

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